July 26, 2023 3 min read

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock in another galaxy, you may have noticed that Barbie is everywhere right now.

She hasn’t occupied this much mental real estate since the mid-80s when (cough) someone we know sent a letter to Santa requesting a Twirly Curls Barbie for Christmas and not only did Santa not provide the requested Twirly Curls Barbie, he went and gave a Twirly Curls Barbie to the person's SISTER, gifting them a Pretty In Pink Barbie instead which, while nice, was most certainly NOT the same calibre as Twirly Curls. But we digress. 

Whether you’re a die-hard Barbie fan or not, it’s been VERY fun watching the promotional juggernaut for this unexpectedly popular movie do its thing and hats off to all involved, especially all the pink paint manufacturers.

So it got us thinking…..if Barbie had a dinner party, or was kitting out the Barbie Dream Camper with some new soft furnishings, what would it look like?

We’re pretty sure we have the answer, and the goods to make it happen. So humour us, as we imagine what Barbie would do if let loose in the Ink Spiller Home warehouse.

Pink on pink

 How much pink is too much pink? With Barbie, there’s no such thing. She would happily pair our Terrazzo Blush tablecloth with matching Terrazzo Blush napkins and finish the look with a pale pink ever-lasting flower on each place setting, and a blush-coloured beverage or two. And why not – it’s a look we can definitely get on board with.

Terrazzo Blush place setting
Barbie’s dream place setting

Terrazzo Blush table linen

That time Ken necked half a bottle of rosé and painted the walls salmon LOL

When it’s girls’ night in Barbie Land

When the girls are coming over, Barbie pulls out all the stops. It’s the good cheese board with matching cheese knives, pink cocktails in martini glasses on copper & marble coasters, the Terrazzo Blush tablecloth and Mimi napkins. Layer it up and toast to good pink times.

Terrazzo Blush girls night table setting

Here’s cheers to being a Barbie girl in a Barbie world

Perky pink goodness

When it’s time to give the Dream Camper (the one with the pool of course) a makeover, we’re pretty sure Barbie would look no further than the perfectly plump Terrazzo Blush cushions that are oh-so perky thanks to their luxe feather inserts. She’d happily zjoosh them up and place on every chair, perhaps with a Mimi or Palm Mustard to mix it up a little.

Terrazzo Blush reading nook cushions

The Dream Camper reading nook

And when she and Ken are chillaxing by the Dream Camper pool, they would definitely be reaching for our stemless copper glasses – perfect for glass-free poolside parties.

Stemless copper glasses

When Barbie hosts a barbie, she brings out the copper. You might have drunKEN guests, but you won’t have broKEN glass.

Afternoon delight

When Barbie hosts afternoon tea, it’s pastries and pink all the way! Her hot tip? Team freshly baked lemon meringue tarts with a Terrazzo Blush tablecloth and an understated pop of greenery. Here’s one she prepared earlier:

Afternoon tea table setting

Barbie’s floral art skills don’t get nearly enough airtime in the movie

 Ken’s pick

We can’t finish this dreamscape without a word from Ken. When we asked him to choose a favourite from the Ink Spiller Home collection, he picked the Mimi tea towel because he felt it would “look rad in some tasteful dude nudes.” Thankfully we found him some clothes and stemless copper champagne flutes.

Copper chamapagne flutes and Mimi tea towel

Nobody wants to know where you drape your tea towel in your spare time, Ken

Thank you for indulging this ridiculous made-up trip into Barbie Land. We hope you scored it a ken out of ken.